Thursday, June 30, 2011

Morning Milk and Cuddles

If you remember one of my last posts, you know how much trouble I've had getting Kira to drink from a sippy cup.  I'm happy to say that we've had a little progress on this.  For the last two days, she has drunk almost all of the milk at her mid-day feeding from a straw sippy cup.  I had to hold the cup the whole time, but hey, I'm still counting it as a win.

Now that she has started to drink from her sippy, I know it is time to begin moving her off bottles.  Every day, I tell myself that I'll start tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I'll get Kira up and dressed, then give her a sippy cup of milk in her high chair.  Yep, I'll get right on that.

I know I should have started trying sooner to get her used to the concept, but I keep hesitating.  This time, it is all me.  See, I love our mornings.  Kira starts to chatter in her crib, so I go make her milk.  When I opened the door this morning, she started kicking her feet happily and saying a few words (?) of greeting, though sometimes she is standing up and jumping.  I cuddle her in my lap in the glider and give her her milk.  I can lean down and kiss her head and hug her close.  It is a precious moment.

I guess it is hard to face that my baby is turning into a little girl more every day.  If I had been able to breastfeed, I suppose these moments could have continued, but that was not to be.  Right now, it is all on me to transition.  I dread doing it.  After her milk, Kira cuddles on my lap and often gives me hugs.  The rest of the day, she wants to be on the go constantly.  Will I lose that when she starts taking her milk from a sippy cup?

Only time will tell.

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