Friday, March 11, 2011

Eyes on Japan

I got up this morning ready to do my usual blog post.  But you know, as reports of the devastation in Japan plays in the background, I have a difficult time concentrating on the usual topics.  If you are not aware, a 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit off the Northeast coast of Japan.  Aside from earthquake damage, there was also a tsunami that wreaked havoc on their coast and is still heading toward North and South America, though tsunami waves are not expected to cause much damage here.

One of the first stories I saw on Yahoo has a collection of earthquake and tsunami footage.  Scary stuff!  It's one of those things that makes you want to hug your family close.  Whatever your religion might be, say a prayer for the people of Japan.  There are reports of hundreds of bodies from the tsunami alone.

If you are willing and able to donate, you can visit sites like the American Red Cross.  They also have a Facebook page with news and a place to donate.

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