Friday, July 8, 2011

The Difference a Week Makes

It is amazing how quickly babies change.  You hear that statement so many times, but when you are struggling with a transition, it can be hard to believe it.  So goes the sippy cup saga.  Was it just a little over a week ago that she finally started drinking from the sippy?  Yesterday, she took all of her milk from sippy cups without a complaint.  It didn't even mess up her bedtime routine!

I suppose this has me feeling a little philosophical.  How often do we feel like a situation in our lives can never change?  When you are in the middle of said situation, it is difficult to consider that it will ever end.  But you just never know.  I have no idea why Kira went from zero interest in her sippy cups to loving them.  It just happened.  That kind of unexpected, unexplained change can happen in other areas of your life, too.

I've had a lot of trouble with postpartum depression and anxiety, and at times, I feel like I'll never get better.  But hey, I never know what day my hormones might settle down.  I could go back to feeling normal tomorrow.  One thing is for sure, though: as long as I keep feeling like things will stay the same emotionally, then they certainly will.

It is hard to remember to look on the bright side.  You never know when a negative will become a positive.


  1. I feel you. It's always like that. Not just with babies but with so many situations we found ourselves in. Visiting and following you from voiceBoks.

  2. I always hated that you didn't get a memo, "Today is the last day the baby will crawl, or take their bottle, or nurse" I want to enjoy each moment with my kids becuase you never know when their first times will be or their last times!!! But, unfourtunately, I let the "job" and my responsiblities drag me down. Thanks for the reminder!! I love the VoiceBoks weekend catch up becuase I can visit all these great blogs, yours included!!! I'm having problems with GFC so I could not follow, but I will be back!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Stopping by from vb and glad I did. My kids are older now, 17 and 22. If I look back I would think I had ppd for my son but back then no one knew about it. I'm glad today that people are open and there is more support out there for people struggling. I hope it gets better for you. After being home with these hooligans for almost 23 years now the only advice I feel qualified to offer is savour every moment you get and don't stress about the ones you miss. Not sure that helps. xx

  4. I am right there with ya on how things change from week (day, hour, minute) to the next. Things that seemed impossible with one or the other kid suddenly and magically just happened when their time was right. Childhood is amazing. Wishing you the best on getting through PPD. I understand that is truly difficult. {{{HUGS}}}

    Visiting from vB!
    Smile and Mama With Me

  5. I agree with you totally! It amazes me how all of a sudden something just changes. Parenting has so many moments like that. As the kids get older, those moments still happen.


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    ♥ xoxo

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  7. Ok it's working so now a GFC follower as well. :-)

  8. Don't let those feelings go on to long without talking to someone. It could just be as simple as you need your friends to rally around you right now. I have 6 kids (4 birth children) and I went through various stages of postpartum depression with each of them. It' important that you talk to somebody about how your feeling. I will pray for you!
    I found you via voiceBoks!

  9. If you remind yourself that these feelings will eventually pass (sometimes quickly, sometimes not so quickly), it makes it a little easier - you know you're not "stuck" there forever then:)
    My children are constantly surprising me with the new things they decide to do!
    Thanks for sharing,

    Visiting from vB

  10. Totally agree with you. Kids always gifts surprises. I am sure lot more are on your way.

    happy parenting.