Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation from Vacation!

We went on our first vacation with Kira a couple of weeks ago.  Whew!  Going on vacation with a one year-old is an experience.  I'd planned to post from the beach, but I spent most of my time trying to keep the baby out of, well, everything.  We stayed with my in-laws, who live near the beach, and Kira was more than happy to explore their house.  It took me a week to recover from my vacation.

I thought I would start out this week with vacation highlights.

 I took this shot at the Gulf Shores Zoo.  Though it is a small zoo, I love the atmosphere.  See that rail at the bottom?  That's how close we were to the tiger.  This is not my long-range lense!  You can see the fence in the next picture, where Kira is looking at the tiger: 
Kira didn't seem too sure of the beach.  As long as her feet didn't touch the sand, she was okay.  She enjoyed watching the waves and playing with her beach toys (so long as they weren't in sand).

We also went to Fort Morgan, a Civil War fort.  I took lots of pictures, but these two were my favorites:

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