Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Bathing Woes

I always thought that babies loved baths.  Oh, sure, there is generally an adjustment period.  Newborns are confused enough as it is and are generally not thrilled the first couple of times you put them in a bath tub.  But soon, they are soothed by the water until it becomes an essential part of calming down for bed.

Not my baby.

From the very first attempt until just yesterday, she has always screamed her head off at every bath.  First, she was in the newborn sling on her baby tub, then in the baby tub itself.  I put the tub in the kitchen sink, and I put it in the big bath tub.  Screaming.  Next, I ran a little bit of water in the big tub and tried her in there.  I've tried colorful character sponges, singing, making funny noises, and bubble bath.  Nothing works.

Yesterday was my first attempt with the bubble bath.  Now that she is a good sitter, I thought she might like to sit in the tub and play with the bubbles.  No such luck.  She cried and kept looking at me with this expression of misery bordering on betrayal.  "Why, Mommy?  Why do you do this to me?"  I really dread bath time.

The only other thing I can think of is bathing with her, but I don't know when I'll be able to do that.  My pelvis is still out of alignment from the birth, so getting in and out of our little tub in our cramped bathroom with a baby seems like a painful and dangerous proposition.  I'm completely out of ideas at this point.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I haven't had a problem with bath time for either of my little guys, but I do know one think that they love...I found these little bath fizzies that when you put the little colored tablet in the water, it turns the whole bath tub that color. My 2-year-old loves them! Your little one may still be too young to really enjoy them, but it may be worth a shot. You can buy them for less than $5 at the local grocery store or target by all the bubble bath soaps. This is what they look like:

    And thanks so much for sharing with me about your experience with the fluzone vaccine! Its good to hear from someone who has been fine with it. That definitely helps soothe my stress on that whole topic. And you made a really good point. I appreciate your comment. Good luck with bath time! Keep us updated on your progress. :)