Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mystery Fevers and Paranormal Fun

Last week, as you might have guessed by my lack of blog posts, was a bit hectic and a little strange.  Wednesday, I took Kira to get her flu shot booster.  She felt a little warm to me but didn't seem sick.  I asked the nurse, who took Kira's temperature, and found out she was running a 101 degree fever.  The nurse's concern worried me, so it was a difficult wait until they could get her in to the doctor later that day.  The cause?  Maybe a virus or roseola.  Now it is Sunday, and the fever is gone.  She never had any signs of actual sickness, so who knows what it was.

Then Wednesday night, just as I had started to relax in bed, I felt a nudge in the small of my back.  My back was to the wall, so it couldn't have been my husband moving around.  I turned around, but I didn't see any sign of a ghost or other mysterious entity.  No fog, creepy music, or strange voice muttering threats.  Honestly, it felt just like someone trying gently to get my attention.  I have no idea what it was, but I am 100% positive that I did not imagine it.  I wasn't anywhere near sleep, and it wasn't a subtle touch that could've been the blanket moving or something.  The experience was both freaky and cool at the same time.

Did you have an interesting week?

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