Monday, January 3, 2011

Screen Printed Gamer Onesies

Last night, I finally got to work on some new onesies.  I even experimented with a bib!  I don't know how screen printing is with a traditional system, but there really is an art to it with the Yudu.  I went through a great deal of paper practicing the new designs.  Just a hair too much / too little paint will ruin the whole thing.  I think I am getting better at it, though.  I found that after you flood the screen (pulling paint over the dry screen before putting the screen down on the object to be painted), there will be a lot of paint in the design.  A few pulls over paper will get the paint more even.

I must say that I am not impressed with my first attempt to mix the Yudu brand paint.  When I tried to mix purple, it came out a lot more brown than I am used to.  Thankfully, it dried into an okay dark, reddish purple color.  I think I'm going to try regular screen printing ink when this stuff runs out.  Despite the warnings on the Yudu website, I see no reason why these paints wouldn't work.  Unless, of course, they do something odd to their screens.  I guess I'll find out.

Here are my results:

I plan to start selling these on my Etsy site.  I just put one up.  We'll see if anyone is interested!

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