Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toilet Paper Trickery?

No, I'm not talking about getting your house rolled.  I'm talking about something I noticed quite by accident yesterday: the inner cardboard tube in my toilet paper was bigger.  This may seem like a strange thing to notice.  But considering the amount of craft projects I've used the tubes for in my life while in school, working at a daycare, and playing with my nieces and nephews, I've become quite familiar with them.

At first, I thought it might be my imagination.  Then I found an older tube destined for recycling. 
Well, what do you know?  The older tube fits right inside the new one with a bit of wiggle room.  I have no doubt this means that we get less toilet paper for the same price.  

I feel duped.  Instead of being honest and making obviously-smaller roles, the company that manufactures Quilted Northern decided to make it look like I was getting the same amount of product when I wasn't.  I would rather they raise the price for what I used to get or otherwise make it clear that this change was made rather than resort to these smoke-and-mirrors tactics.  I am not fooled (or amused), Georgia-Pacific.

Next time I go to the store, I'll be looking for a more honest brand.  If I can find one.

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