Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011!  I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe celebration last night.  After a fun stop by Fred's house, we came home and put Kira to bed, then broke out the mead.  We had some champagne at midnight, but otherwise we just sat around and relaxed.  It was a nice, peaceful beginning to the year.  I even had time to play The Sims 3.  My poor vampire still doesn't have a girlfriend.

On Yahoo yesterday, I ran across my horoscope for 2011.  I've read a little bit about astrology, but it isn't something I'm really that into.  I'm ambivalent about the subject.  This year, though, I'm keeping the forecast whether it has legitimate value or not.  My favorite line?  "After a long and arduous 12 years, your luck is returning with a fabulous vengeance."  (If you are curious, the link is here.)  Good luck, increased creativity, flourishing friendships?  Sign me up!

May you also have a lucky, happy 2011!

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