Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Social Media-Free Day, Part 2

You may remember from my last post that from 12:00 a.m. Friday until 12:00 a.m. Saturday, I took the day off from all social media and other related distractions--no Facebook, internet forums, distraction apps, and very little email.  I have given the results much thought over the last few days, and I have come to an unavoidable conclusion: I need to limit my exposure on a daily basis.

On Friday, I wrote more, exercised more, and worked on my newest screen printing project.  Better than all of that--I spent more time in contemplation.  Instead of hoping inspiration would strike during Kira's nap, I had already thought about the next scene in my book.  While coloring in my screen printing design (don't get transparencies printed at FedEx Office unless you love to color in the messed up parts), I worked out what had been puzzling me about the scene I was writing.  Though I itched to grab my phone a couple of times to check Facebook, I did not really miss it as much as I expected.  It was a happy day.

I went back to my old habits over the weekend.  My productivity went down, as did my time for contemplation.  I haven't written since Friday night.  I'm already back on the round of Facebook, email, phone apps, etc, and as soon I finish checking, well, I check again.  Last night, I caught myself pulling out my phone while waiting for my game to load.  Could I really not sit still and wait for a minute?

I'm going to have to agree with wintermoon's comment on my last post: "It's like a sickness, and it needs to be contained before it completely takes over."  Starting now, I will limit my technology use during the times when I am writing or doing other productive things, generally Monday-Friday during the day.  At least once every couple of weeks, I will have another social media-free day.

Anyone want to join me?

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  1. I'll join you! Like I said, I need to do something different. I think part of my problem is that I am not on any kind of schedule. I wake up at random times and go to sleep at random times. They change daily, as does the rest of my "to do" list. I have no routines.

    That's the biggest thing I'm striving for, I think. A plan or routine that incorporates a set amount of social-media time a couple times a day, while dedicating the rest of the day to exercise, writing, crafting, housework, and errands. I just have to overcome the crazy sleep schedule to make it happen.