Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Adventures in Reading

Unfortunately, I can't say a great deal about the book I just finished reading, Must Love Lycans by Michele Bardsley.  Why can't I talk about it?  I got a (very) advanced copy of it when I participated in one of her writing workshops, and the book isn't due out until September 2011.  As I am a person of honor and respect the author, all I will say is: It Is Awesome.  If you've never read anything by Michele Bardsley, check out her website: The Official Website of Michele Bardsley.  I'll post a review of the book closer to its release date.

I had started a book by Dakota Cassidy, You Dropped a Blonde on Me, but it just isn't my thing.  I am saddened by this because I love her other stuff.  She is an excellent author with a very vivid writing style that captures the imagination.  However, I found that to be a problem with this book.  Being pulled into the story of a 40 year-old woman going through a divorce made me feel like...well, a 40 year-old woman going through a divorce.  I stopped reading about a fourth of the way through because I started feeling depressed.  I'm sure the story will turn around and that the protagonist will recover from being broke, desperate, and feeling like crap.  But considering my tendency towards depression already, I don't want to spend the time going through those negative emotions to get there.  I'm sorry, Dakota Cassidy!  I really am a fan!

Last night, I decided to try a historical romance by Lorraine Heath, Passions of a Wicked Earl (Avon).  So far it is okay.  If it doesn't fit my mood, I may go back and read Must Love Lycans again.  So.  Good.

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