Friday, December 17, 2010

Lynsay Sands' Hungry For You

I guess this isn't so much a "currently reading" as it is a "flew through in under two days."  Let's just say I didn't get much done during Kira's nap time besides reading Lynsay Sands' new book, Hungry For You.  It was fast paced with a good, believable couple.

*Beware: Mild Spoilers*

I thought this was a much lighter book than some of her more recent stuff.  While there was danger, there was much less of the murder-mystery feel than the last few books in the Argeneau series.  This book reminded me a lot of the earlier stories, where the danger was present but didn't lead the plot.  I did like the last few books, but this was a really refreshing change of pace.  Sometimes plots with serious, overriding danger get to be a bit too much for me.  A break from the whole no-fanger conspiracy was nice. 

I'm glad to see that Sam's third sister finds a life mate.  It makes me wonder if there is something genetic that makes a person a good life mate.  Maybe other newly-turned immortals should be pushing relatives at the immortal population.  ;-)   

I guess I'm not giving a lot of plot details, but I don't want to just sit here and repeat what you can read on the back cover of the book.  Cale and Alex are very good together--and now she won't have to find a business manager!

If you haven't read the other books, this won't make sense, but . . . I'm thinking Bricker will be getting a book fairly soon.  He plays the matchmaker / prankster role much like Thomas did, and Thomas got his own story moderately quickly.  I'm still waiting for Christian Notte's book, though.  What's taking Marguerite so long?

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