Sunday, December 26, 2010

Belated Merry Christmas

I hope everyone (who celebrates it) had a wonderful Christmas!  I would have posted yesterday, but I got a nasty computer virus while searching the internet for ideas for gaming-themed shirts.  Merry Christmas to you, random hacker! 

Maybe today I will be able to try out my Christmas present, the Yudu Personal Screen Printer.  You see, to make the screen that you use to paint images on objects like T-shirts, you have to have the image on transparent paper.  And how was I going to get my design?  Printed from my computer, of course!  Well, thanks to 5+ hours-worth of work by my programmer husband last night (I wasn't joking about the virus being nasty), I should be able to try it out today.  Expect to see something in the crafting section soon!

Other than computer annoyance, we had an excellent Christmas.  Kira was very cute when we opened presents with her.  At first she was intrigued by the paper, but she soon got this bored, kind of resigned expression.  She loved the actual presents, though.  Santa brought her the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Kick and Play Piano and various rattles and teethers.  She also got a jumperoo, a vtech rhyming book, a tea set, and tons of clothes.  We put her in her crib for naps yesterday, and I could tell she was awake by the music from the piano.  So cute!

Our Christmas dinner was inspired by A Christmas Story; Ben went out and got us Chinese takeout.  There was no duck with attached head, though, and as far as I'm aware, no Chinese men trying to sing Christmas carols at the restaurant.  This may sound like a disappointing dinner to some, but we actually weren't in the mood for a big meal.  We will probably do more when Kira gets older.     

What a great holiday!  I hope everyone else had a good day.  :-)


  1. That sounds like fun. We've decided that Hibachi dinner is our Christmas Eve tradition now that we've done it two years running. I think it's excellent to create your own traditions sometimes. :)

  2. We almost started a Hibachi tradition, but I was too worried about the roads to take Kira out. For some reason, Ben and I are both getting tired of the traditional holiday meal. After family (blood and chosen) Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, we've pretty much had enough turkey. Kira may grow up thinking Asian food is the traditional Christmas feast. LOL

  3. For a few years we did the "Christmas Big Chicken." My Mom got such a kick out of it--chicken being such ordinary fare. I can't even think of turkey after Thanksgiving. Now we've been doing "Christmas Beast" (like out of the Grinch.) It's an Roast beef eye/tenderloin roast. So now my family laughed when I tell them we are having "roasted beast" for Christmas feast. For New Year's we'll have a pork roast (for luck for the new year) and Eastertime we usually have ham. I think turkey and ham get "done to death" for the holidays and I like to change things up a bit. Traditional Italians have the 7 Fishes Dinner for Christmas Eve--that's a pretty neat tradition.

  4. Mmm pork roast. That sounds pretty good, but I have no idea how to make one. Have any good recipes?